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I have a true story to share with you.  A good friend of mine needed some dental work done and decided to visit his nearest dentist.  He ended up paying over a thousand dollars for the dental job.  A couple of months later, his wife needed some dental work as well and happened to visit another dentist in the same city but not as close by.  She thought she needed more dental work done but the dentist advised her that some of the work wasn’t as important as she thought.  The cost turned out to be just over a thousand dollars.  She called her husband who then suggested she get a second opinion.  So, she visited the dentist her husband went to and got her teeth checked.  It turns out the dentist not only recommended the work she thought she needed done but also topped it off with more work he said was necessary and urgent to take care of now.  Naturally, she was confused.  Here was the same dental condition and yet, she felt that the second dentist she visited was more interested in extracting as much money out of her in the quickest period of time.  The differential was almost a thousand dollars difference! The first one, however, patiently explained to her why some of the work wasn’t as important at this stage and suggested doing only what was necessary at the present time.  Because of the first dentist’s honesty and sincerity, she went back to the first dentist and had her dental work done there.

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